Why Us

    The requirement of mobilising/transportation and machinery/equipments is growing exponentially in today's industrial revolution.
We can help you on every phase of your requirement by providing you the machinery/equipments and our best services to ensure you that you carry out your project without worries and delay.

 Apart from machinery/equipments, our services speaks loud to help you on your budget related to machinery location, diesel consumption, operator services, machinery breakdown services, equipment utilization etc.
Just relax on our efforts and we will provide maximum solution through our software,by our experienced & expert team.

   We have installed GPS and Fuel tracking/monitoring device in our every machinery that is configured with a software system.
We can provide you all the details that is related to normal Fuel consumption, unbalance fuel consumption, detect fuel theft from tank, location of machinery, running speed of machine, Engine running hour, idle hour and raw data to help you analyse your quality of work and prevent diesel theft, diesel misuse, location of machinery etc.
This will also help you to check the project completion time in a high pressure environment where only quality work matters.Fuel theft and unauthorized use can cause significant financial losses. 

 We not only deal in  providing equipments/machinery, we provide machine with full package of regular maintenance & servicing & also ensures to have sufficient spares  to avoid unwanted time lapse due to unwanted breakdown issues. We have started this project to minimise the regular problem at ground level.
We having also work on to provide well & suitable operator for handle & give solution on ground level at minor issues to minimise unwanted time lapse.
Our expert technical team has been visited to site on monthly basis to finalise the symptom of breakdown & give solution on immediate basis without hampering the prestigious time & work.

Yantrasearch wants to ensure that its clients become the market leader by ensuring  to achieve the duration of project completion, quality work, budget monitoring for machineries/equipments and providing  the best services to help its clients.

 Making DPR for all machines is tuff work at site level because to be collecting huge data from all machines is not easy work on daily basis.
But don’t worry we know the value of machinery DPR, here we will helping you to provide all needed data from machines through our GPS & Diesel tracking device on daily basis by mail or through our website.
 We know the value of time very well.
Yantrasearch has ensured you to provide machines within your planned time as well as in very cheap rate in comparison of market value with our best services.