Our Client can easily see all the details for Equipment through E-mail, website and through our Apps . The link of our website is given below-

Yantrasearch has being provided machine to client with proper installation of GPS & Diesel monitoring device. Client will easily get all the required data from machines via E-mail, via our above mention tracking website or through our Apps. it shows Engine running hour, engine idle hour, fuel filling status, normal fuel consumption, unbalance fuel consumption, detect fuel theft from tank ,machine running speed, machine location etc.

GPS Equipment tracking systems & fuel monitoring function has become the most useful tool for remote fuel management by mobile phone or internet enabled computer. 
The cost of fuel is always a concern, and fuel savings continue to be fundamentally important in running a successful fleet operation. In most vehicle operations fuel expenses account for at least 32% of operating costs, so fuel monitoring & management is the logical place to start in order to reach fuel efficiency.
There are many factors that influence fuel consumption, and knowing these factors at all levels is important if real improvement is to be made.
Unmonitored vehicles are left vulnerable to fuel theft, and the surveillance of fuel tank level becomes critical to catching thieves in their act.
The device is immediately detected if fuel is being stolen from equipments. Direct alarms to service personnel via SMS or E-mail. 

GPS Vehicle Tracking System is most important part of fleet monitoring and Fuel Monitoring Solution. Its purpose is to monitor, pre-process and deliver working parameters of equipment.