About Us

Welcome to "Yantrasearch" a brand of  "Reyantra Equipment Solutions Pvt. Ltd." We believe that a commitment made, is a mission begun. We are a young & energetic team of enthusiastic professionals who works with innovative ideas & strategy.

Yantrasearch is the provider of heavy Machineries and Equipments for the construction requirements on rental basis.

India is today the fastest growing economy in the entire world and thus the infrastructure / heavy industries/ ports / residential complexes/ shopping malls are also growing exponentially in this era.

Be a part of this growth story and we can help you throughout the phase by our construction solutions.

Yantrasearch, provide the widest and advance technologically modernized range of Heavy machinery/equipment along with experienced & skilled operator for all the Industry.

Our focus on connecting aspirations and our pipeline of tech-enabled equipment keeps us at the forefront of the market. We are available for your help throughout the country. We will always honest,true & fair with all our employees,partner,clients & being maintain our best professional relationship. Yantrasearch is the best solution of Heavy Equipments in the market for all your Equipment needs.

Our main areas of expertise include providing clients-

1- The best Machineries in the market.

2- Regular maintenance & services of the equipments by expert technician.

3- Providing Equipments with GPS & Fuel tracking device.

4- Verified & skilled operator.

5- Quick services at site during breakdown of equipments.

6- Always keeps sufficient spares at site for maintain regular maintenance & to be avoiding breakdown issues.

7- Most importantly providing for all your big equipment needs, we've got you covered with the lowest rates & highest quality you'll find anywhere. We are elated about providing latest technology equipment to revolutionise the way you build & to help the clients cover their budget on project completion time.

8- We having also sell/Buy old machinery in appropriate rate. With extensive research & market experience we have bridged this gap through technology.